Why should I get pre-qualified?

When purchasing a home, besides hiring our team to work with you, getting pre-qualified for a home loan is very important.  In doing so, this will save you time and let you know the price range you should be looking in.

When you do find the home of your dream, most sellers will require you to submit a pre-qualification letter along with your purchase and sale agreement.  This lets the seller know that you are in the position to obtain a home loan, and they would feel comfortable pulling their home off the market and going under contract with you.

As a buyer, you are welcome to use a lender of your choice.  We are not forcing you to use our preferred lender.  However, we have a relationship with the ones who we work with and have come to call them trustworthy.  After all, don’t you want to close on your house on time? 

It only takes a few minutes to start this process.  Don’t worry if you are not quite there yet.  Our lenders can get you to the point of home ownership by following their simple plan to success.

We are excited to help you out in this process.



Bethesda Realty Group