Open Houses

Open houses are a long-standing tradition in the sale of residential real estate to expose more people to a home for sale. Open houses are normally held on weekends to capture more traffic because most people are off work on weekends. The real estate agents put out signs on boulevards or near street corners to draw drive-by traffic and usually list the homes in the real estate sections of newspapers to bring in more people.


As a real estate Professional, we usually suggest to our clients that they open their home up for an open house. Open houses gain you EXPOSURE!  People can watch videos and see pictures of your home on the internet, but ultimately seeing the home in person will usually trigger an emotional response.  It's a great way of sparking interest in your home. 

Preparation for the Open House

Before the open house is held, our team will market your home on various websites to the public.  We will also door knock in the neighborhood and call others to spread the word.

Expect signs, balloons, etc. to catch even more eyes to stimulate greater traffic for the event. Treating customers to snacks and refreshments make your home warm and inviting.   

Seller Responsibilities

Before the open house, we recommend for the sellers to clean their home, de-clutter, and clean the patios and or yard. Adding flowers and mulch, etc. greatly improves curb appeal.

Our team always recommend that to store your valuables out of sight and out of mind.  Make sure the house is clean and put away any animals that might hinder people from seeing the home.

During the Open House

As the day progresses, our team will show the home to people who come.  We will point out the advantages of your home and its selling points. We will make sure that the visitors who are interested in the home take an information sheet, along with them and our business card. We will also attempt the viewers to sign in so that we can follow up with them later.

During this time, some people will have their own agent that is representing them, however if the person viewing the home does not have an agent, we will make every attempt to get them pre-qualified before they submit an offer on your home.

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