Rental Policy

At Bethesda Realty Group, we would love to help you find a rental if it’s in our service area.  We require a non-refundable retainer fee of $100.00 paid to Atlanta Communities. This covers our agents time and gas. This must be paid check or money order before any properties can be shown.

Will I get it back?

DON’T WORRY!!  When you move in your home, the retainer fee that you paid will be credited back to you.

What about my Retainer Fee?

For example: Let’s say we show you a property that is charging $1,800.00 a month in rent, and the listing brokerage is willing to pay $800.00 CO-OP commission to Atlanta Communities.

We would charge half of the first month’s rent which would be $900.00 - $800 CO-OP fee which would leave a balance of $100.00.  The retainer fee that you paid up front would be credited, and you would not owe the remaining balance.

Do I have to pay a commission to Atlanta Communities?

Normally the listing brokerage pays a commission to Atlanta Communities when you rent your home.  We require that the commission is equal to half of the first months rent.  If the listing brokerage only pays a portion, you would be responsible for the difference.  This is due the day you are schedule to move in. 

How long is the Exclusive Buyer's Brokerage agreement for?

Normally we require a three months Exclusive Buyer's Brokerage agreement.  This means our team will be dedicated to working with you exclusively.  It does not mean that it will take three months to get in a home.  We do understand that things happen.  If we have no luck finding a home within this time frame, we would require a new retainer fee to be paid to Atlanta Communities.  The previous retainer fee would be disbursed to the Realtor at the end of the three months for the time and gas.


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