Voice Pad

Voice Pad enables you to connect immediately to people who are in front of the property, by capturing their telephone numbers of every person who calls to get property information.  Voice Pad is much better than a traditional flyer box, which frequently is empty and never provides you the name of potential buyers.

 We can talk to them right on the spot and make sure to answer any questions.  If they are not working with another Realtor, our TEAM will make sure to get them pre-qualified before showing them your home.  This way, we are not wasting your time throughout this process showings homes to un-qualified individuals.  Many in-experienced agents will run at a drop of a hat to show a listing without pre-qualifying the person.  Not our team!  We know your time is valuable and there will be times you may have to leave the house, so your listing can be showed.  We want to do the hard work up front and find you a qualified buyer.

Voice Pad allows your listing to be posted on Social Media including: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, You Tube, and along with Flyers.  It also allows for quick and simple post for craigslist to find those buyers searching without agents.

Bethesda Realty Group